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Barathrum Finland
Bastille United Kingdom
Bathory Sweden
Battlelore Finland
Beck USA
Becoming the Archetype USA
Before the Dawn Finland
Behemoth Poland
Beherit Finland
Behexen Finland
Beneath the Sky USA
Beto Vazquez Infinity Argentina
Between the Buried and Me USA
Beyonce USA
Beyond Twilight Denmark
Biohazard USA
Black Sabbath United Kingdom
Black Veil Brides USA
Blackmore's Night United Kingdom
Bleed the Sky USA
Bleeding Through USA
Blessthefall USA
Blind Guardian Germany
Blind Stare Finland
Blood Has Been Shed USA
Blood Stain Child Japan
Blood for Blood USA
Bloodjinn USA
Bloodsimple USA
Borknagar Norway
Boston USA
Brain Drill USA
Breaking Benjamin USA
Britney Spears USA
Brocas Helm USA
Broken Bells USA
Bruce Springsteen USA
Buried Alive USA
Burnt by the Sun USA
Bury Your Dead USA
Buzzov-en USA
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